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Cisco Smart 200 Series Switches

Cisco Smart 200 Series Switches
Cisco Smart 200 Series Switches
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Product Code : SLM2024PT-EU
Product Description

Cisco SLM2024PT
Cisco Smart 200 Series Switches? Overview

Comprehensive functionality at a reasonable price

To build a basic business network, Cisco Small Business Smart Switches 200 Series combine the high performance factor and the reliability. For a great price entry-level solution, these managed switches offer user-friendly administration options and all essential network features. Cisco Small Business Smart Switches 200 Series offers numerous functions:
 You will receive and IPv6 support a robust network business class With features such as Quality of Service (QoS) and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

  • Simplified setup: Interface will set up quickly and easily using the browser-based configuration.
  • High performance: Even at high bandwidth, all the data is transferred quickly and accurately.
  • Security: data is fully protected on the network against any unauthorized access.
  • Eco-Friendly solution: To optimize power usage for energy efficiency without compromising the performance,it is preferred to use switches.
  • Investment protection: All Small Business series Smart switches 200 are delivered warranted with the Cisco Limited Lifetime hardware Warranty. 
  • Ethernet connection: For Gigabyte Ethernet, 24 and 48 ports of Fast Ethernet or 18, 26 and 50 ports are provided – On Fast Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is provided for up to 48 ports or up to 50 ports on Gigabyte Ethernet 
  • Extended functionality:– To prioritize delay sensitive traffic, switches provide Intelligent QoS features .  For comprehensive control of network access, Integrated network security such as IEEE 802.1X port security is enabled in it – IPv6 and IPv4.

Energy efficiency and design is given for Native support – By optimizing the power consumption (ports off automatically in case of interruption of the connection), Low power

Consumption is ensured for reduced energy costs – The power consumption according to the cable length is fitted by Intelligent functions with provide additional ports on Gigabyte Ethernet models consisting of the 26- and 50-port Gigabyte Ethernet switch options.

Easy configuration and management:– For easy setup, manage, and troubleshoot, Intuitive browser-based tools are functional by getting the IP address with QoS port configuration and Cisco Find IT- Automated security functions.

Investment protection:– Ensure optimal up time and performance with easy integration, it is tested with other Cisco communications and networking products with the tempting, limited lifetime warranty.