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Cisco Switches

We are supplier, exporter, distributor of Cisco Switches which are an important computer networking equipment. These are also known as bridging hub or switching hub that use packet switching technique for receiving, processing and forwarding the incoming data to the final output device. This can also be understood with this statement – the network switch uses hardware addresses for handling the data at the data link layer, which is the second layer of the OSI model. Depending on type / model of Cisco Switch selected, the data processing may also take place in the third layer, which is called the network layer.

Few benefits of these switches are enhanced simplicity in use, exceeded sustainability, high level of safety for entrepreneurial tasks and an all-inclusive borderless network experience. Some models also have a new technology which bestows switch stacking capability to it.

What are Key Features of Cisco Switches?

  • Provide very fast Ethernet access connectivity along with adding PoE capabilities
  • Fixed-configuration access is provided and is targeted for enterprises and large / medium scale businesses
  • Ethernet desktop connectivity (in Gigabit) is possible with high number of port that can be 24, 48 etc.
  • Unique FlexStack stacking module is integrated in switches and this modules has throughput of 20 Gbps that simplifies the operation with one configuration